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I Want to Help Nonprofit Organization is committed helping the needs of our community. By providing the resources to clothing, food, shelter and education. Our main focus foundational literacy of our communities for preparation required in reading and writing proficiency for academic and life success . 

 Mentoring K-12, is based on a continuum of programs throughout the year.  I Want to Help will also mentor youth and adults not enrolled in public or private schools ,and gear them for life events that encompass reading.




Here's how we do it.

Mentoring meeting times are scheduled in advance with libraries, community centers and schools at various locations.  Schedules are then posted on our website's public calendar for dates and times.   Invites are sent to all social media outlets on how to request more information, or sign up for our mentoring program.

We use unique learning tools and mentoring techniques

  • Basic learning letters of the Alphabets.
  • Recognizes difference in the sounds of each Alphabets.
  • Learn basic word pronunciation by syllables.
  • Learn the basic usage of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, consonant, conjunctions, participle and vowels.
  • Learn the basic of sentence structuring.
  • Men-tees will be allowed to engage and improve their reading by creating and writing their own unique story.  At year end in our last meeting, four men-tees will be selected to participate in our reading competition.   A first, second, and third place prize will be given for the men-tee participation in the competition.   The men-tees will be allow to express there reading in song, reading or dramatization   I Want to Help will have a selected panel of judges for the competition.  


Great organization in helping people. If you believe reading and education is a must , please contact this organization and donate to help them achieve their goal

Barbara Morgan- Mobile Tax, LLC

P O Box 752921

Memphis, TN 38175



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