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Our Journey and where we are going

Mentoring in Reading 

" I Want to Help" is passionate about the knowledge and understanding that comes through reading. We believe it would be a terrible thing to waste a power tool such as the brain, which enables each of us to reach our greatest potential. According to Proverbs 4:7, "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom and with all thy getting get understanding". "I Want to Help" will mentor children, youth and young adults in reading. We will also mentor the more seasoned generation to aid in their understanding of what they read. We want to provide every individual with the powerful key to success that comes through reading; keys of innovation for change, unlimited growth, and wealth.  "I Want to Help" provides a reading foundation built on three major components:

1.  Beginning "Story-Time" for one hour at a public library.

2. Implementing reading software to enhance the pronunciation and articulation of words by sounds and syllables.

3. Initiating a Reading Resource Center in the near future.  


"I Want to Help" will not only provide "Story-Time" to the children of St. Jude. It will also dedicate to making "Story-Time" an international program to encourage children, youth and adults everywhere to seek knowledge and understanding through reading, and, thereby ensure that "Story-Time" will become a success for many years to come.

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